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Pioneer producer of software for reading the Holy Quran (Read N Win)

A great achievement of Dimentions is the accomplishment of Yassar’n al-Quran, software for children which enables them to learn, understand and recite the Holy Quran in its accurate accent. Our aim is to connect the new generation with the Holy Quran and spread out the universal message of the Holy Quran to every person living anywhere in the world. Currently, two and a half billion children in Pakistan are getting traditional and nontraditional education. The software has given extraordinary results; even the slow learners have succeeded in learning Holy Quran correctly. The consideration of child psychology and interest has made it easy and interesting. Instead of usual period needed to learn the Yassar’n al-Quran by a Qari, this software achieves the objectives in a few weeks. An animation of eight and a half hours has been drawn in preparing the program into a single CD which won the Best programme for Islamic Teachings Award from the International League of Islamic.

Literature in 2003. At the end of each practical exercise, children win awards according to their scores. The CD is available in both Urdu and English languages and is constantly being revised and updated. Version 1.2 is now available in the market.


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